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Trevor has practiced T’ai Chi for around 30 years and is an Affiliated Master Instructor for AMAA (Ability Martial Arts Assoc.). For 16 years both he and associate instructor Joan, were certified teachers for a gentle modified Sun style form T’ai Chi for Health forms developed by the internationally acclaimed, Dr Paul Lam to help people suffering from Arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Trevor is also a member of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and has trained under Faye & Tary Yip & Prof. Li Deyin in traditional Sun style and Sabre forms, and was endorsed as a Deyin Sun Style Instructor in 2011.

Crystal’s ‘signature’ style is Sun. We use Dr Lam’s modified forms as a ‘starter form and for the less able, but for those who are capable or more adventurous, we teach the more demanding traditional Sun style 13, 38, 42 & 97 forms, Sun competition 73 form, Long (108) Yang form, Sword (Jian), Sabre (Dao) & Fan Forms.

Dr lam’s forms supplemented by powerful but relaxing Qi Gong exercises are ideal for beginners of all ages. The Arthritis Foundations of Australia, USA and UK have supported this safe, effective, and easy-to-learn program. Additionally both Trevor & Joan taught  Dr Lam’s T’ai Chi for Osteoporosis and T’ai Chi for Energy, with Trevor also teaching Dr Lam’s Back Pain and Diabetes programs.

We do not teach T’ai Chi as a formal martial art, but look to introduce people of any age, gender or fitness level to a wonderful source of relaxation and stress relief, as well as to the development of physical and psychological well-being.


 I formed Crystal T’ai Chi in 2001 to pass on to people of all ages and abilities, my personal experiences of several years of practicing T’ai Chi for my own health and well-being.


Forms Practised & Taught

Traditional Forms

 Treaditional Sun Style  97, 42 Forms

Sun Style (Deyin) 13, 38 Forms

Sun (competion) 73 Form

8 Step Yang Form & Long (108) Forms

52 posture Fan Form “Moving Stillness”

32 Sword Form  (Yang style)

Sun Style Sword Form
13 set Sabre (Dao) Form (Yang style)

Dr Paul Lam’s Health Forms

Modified Sun form for Arthritis & Back Pain

Modified Sun/Yang forms for Osteoporosis & Falls Prevention
Modified Sun/Yang form for Diabetes

T’ai Chi for Energy

Qi Gong

5 Element,  “Gathering”,  Zhan Zhuang,
Ba Duan Jin, Silk Reeling  and others

Other styles and forms, including Hao Wu are practised for our own improvement & enjoyment

... I Learn so that I can Teach

I Teach so that I can Learn ...

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