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“A super book it is too. I shall of course recommend it to all starting Taijiquan. The book  is clear, well laid out and very informative.”

 Prof. Mike Symonds AMAA -  42 years teaching martial arts and author of several books.

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Trevor’s book NEW REVISED 2017 EDITION 166 pages

 Simplifying T'ai Chi - an explanation for beginners

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Intended for those just starting their T’ai Chi journey, this book is a compilation of  the general information presented by Trevor in his classes, talks and workshops, and is based on over thirty years of practising and teaching.

The book is intended to help the beginner by dispelling myths and misconceptions, giving guidance on deciding on a class, the style to learn and the teacher, and then introducing basic posture and safe movement. The book also contains information on the simpler T’ai Chi terminology and concepts, and hopefully this will answer many of the questions often asked in your lessons (and those you wish you’d asked when you arrive home).

Using the knowledge gained from his years of practising, which includes sixteen years of teaching both traditional and modified health T’ai Chi, and of working with other experienced teachers from around the world, Trevor sets out to explain the basic principles of how to start to safely learn and experience for yourself the health-giving benefits that T’ai Chi can bring for all ages and abilities.

The book is intended to supplement and not replace a teacher. Its simplified content is provided to reassure and help non-martial novices start along an undoubtedly rewarding road. Basic posture and possible adaptations for health are described, but detailed teaching of specific form or style is left to your teacher as this will depends on the class chosen.

In the latter part of the book, a few simpler Qi Gong, Yang and Sun style form movement sequences are included for reference. These  are only intended as a simple practice reminder and comparison taster, and are not intended as a teacher substitute. This latest edition also includes a chapter introducing the practice of Zhan Zhuang.

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