Trevor‘s Sun Style T’ai Chi - Deyin Taiji Institute 13 step form

This  video shows Trevor performing the Deyin Taiji Institute 13 step form .

Trevor has trained under Professor Li Deyin’s Daughter Faye (Li) Yip and was a certified Deyin Taijiquan Institute Sun 13/38 style instructor.

Sun Style Taijiquan ins one of the five major styles of Tai Chi, created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang.
The Deyin Taijiquan Institute is one of the official lineaged teaching institute on Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi. Instructors are professionally trained and stringently assessed.

“The Sun style 13 step is a little form I [Faye Yip] created aiming at giving people a taste of the style. It is design as a beginner form and is also great for people with joint problems. The movements are taken from traditional Sun style long (97) form. Although it is simplified all the essence and characteristics of Sun style are included in practice.”  Faye Yip

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