Sun Style T’ai Chi 38 Form

Sun Style Taijiquan ins one of the five major styles of Tai Chi, created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang.
This 38 part sequence was created by Master Professor Lee Deyin. The Deyin Taijiquan Institute which in the UK is Mastered by  Lee Deyin’s daughter Faye and her husband Tary Yip is one of the official lineaged teaching institutes on Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi. Instructors are professionally trained and stringently assessed. Upon successfully passing the teaching and performing assessment,they are certified, by the Deyin Institute, as professional Sun Style Taiji Instructors.
Trevor originally trained under Faye and became a certified Deyin Taijiquan Institute Sun 38 style instructor

38 Sun style performed by Faye Yip (YouTube):


38 Sun style performed by Tary Yip (YouTube):