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T’ai Chi for Falls Prevention in Older People

T’ai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for fall prevention.

 A newly published evidence-based review appears to shows T’ai Chi is as a highly effective as individually prescribed exercise programs for falls prevention for older people.
This is a wonderful  endorsement for T’ai Chi to save significant health cost. T’ai Chi also improve pain for arthritis, helps various conditions such as diabetes/strokes/Parkinsons, improves immunity, reduces stress, etc, etc…
More importantly, T’ai Chi can be fun and significantly improve quality of life!

Previous studies have shown that classic exercises such as swimming and walking do not significantly reduce the risk of falling for older people. Naturally swimming and walking are wonderful exercises but for many other reasons.

To read more about the studies visit:
Medpage Today and The Cochrane Library

Harvard Medical School Report on T’ai Chi
“Medication in Motion”

T’ai Chi for Osteoporosis

Dr Paul Lam has produced a simple, easy to learn T’ai Chi Form in conjunction with senior medical professionals  designed as an exercise to reduce the rate of bone density decline and improve balance in older adults. The program is support by clinical trials and studies and  can also be used as an effective Falls Prevention program.

The form is based on Sun and Yang Style.
Trevor is a trained instructor for this form.

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