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About Your Classes with Crystal T’ai Chi

How T’ai Chi  helps with Diabetes

How T’ai Chi  helps with MS

How T’ai Chi  helps with Arthritis

How T’ai Chi  helps with Osteoporosis & Falls Prevention

“Twilight T’ai Chi” Trevor’s article on using TC for dementia sufferers

“How I Overcome & Control My Back Pain”
Trevor’s article on using TC to help alleviate Back Pain

Trevor’s Articles free to Download (pdf format)

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“T’ai Chi or Otago” A personal view of the two falls prevention programs (view only)

Trevor's  BOOK

Notes & Movement listings  of some of the forms we teach (pdf format)

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SUN 13 & 38 (Deyin)

Traditional SUN 97 (Sun Luyang’s Original Long Form)

SUN 42  (Sun Jian Yun)

SUN 73 (Competition Form) C(Competition

SUN Intermediate Form  (Crystal T’ai Chi)

5 Element Qi Gong

Deyin SUN 13 Class Notes

Dr Paul Lam’s T’ai Chi for Arthritis

ZHAN ZUANG - Standing like a tree