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T’ai Chi  in Schools

Over the past few years we have conducted fun T’ai Chi sessions as an introduction to balance and movement to 4 to 11 year olds in some of our local primary schools.

We have also been involved in an enrichment program for a local secondary school introducing year 13 students to T’ai Chi. Even though each class was only exposed to T’ai Chi for three hourly sessions,  the calming effect, balance improvement and increase in confidence was  very apparent.

Please contact us if you want further information or help.

Some of our Children’s Tai Chi classes

T’ai Chi 4 Kidz

Dr Paul Lam & Cheryl Lee Player have produced a program specifically designed for young children. We use this program as the basis of our classes for young children.

Emily & Lauren’s  first lesson More Children's T'ai Chi

Hi Trevor, Thank you for your support of  the Tai Chi 4 Kidz program Creating the DVD program together with Paul was an absolute joy. Paul and I share a passion for Tai Chi for Health, and we worked together to maintain the Tai Chi principles in a form that children could easily learn, enjoy and would fine challenging and rewarding .......and wish you well on your journey.

Cheryl Lee Player, Director, Australian Tai Chi Institute, Co Creator Tai Chi 4 Kidz, Creator Tai Chi Wellness.

T’ai Chi  for Children

In classes we never say that we “study”,  “practice” or even “do” T’ai Chi.
We always “PLAY” T’ai Chi.
T’ai Chi is enjoyable, a pleasure to perform and fun.

This is even more true when teaching children.