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Disclaimer:   Neither I nor my team are medically qualified persons and any views and medical advice expressed by us to students are based on personal experiences, training and research.


I am ably assisted in running classes by Joan who shares my passion and offer invaluable help to further the ideals of Crystal T’ai Chi.

Sifu Joan

Senior Instructor

Joan has been my senior instructor for over two decades and often runs scheduled classes on my behalf, teaching the traditional Sun, Yang, Sword, Sabre, Fan Forms, Health Forms and several Qi Gongs.

Also passionate about T’ai Chi, she is a fully insured T’ai Chi teacher and in addition to all the traditional T’ai Chi the we teach, has also been trained to teach Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Energy. programs.


Sifu Trevor

Master Instructor


I Formed Crystal Tai Chi in 2001 to share with all ages and abilities, my own experiences of many years of practising T’ai Chi for my own health and well-being.




Trevor & Joan with Dr Paul Lam October 2009