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We promote Dr Paul Lam’s ideal of
T'ai Chi for All.

I find that his Sun variants with its upright stance and follow-through steps and incorporation of Qi Gong, can achieve Chi appreciation in the first lesson, with dramatic balance improvement and the ability to complete acceptable coordinated 20 part forms in around 10 lessons. This inspires confidence and introduces people to T'ai Chi, allowing them to progress further to traditional form if they wish, or just to practice and enjoy their achievement level.

Our classes try to accommodate differing levels of ability and  have included all ages from 3 to 105, from the extremely fit to those wheel-chair bound with severe disability.


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T’ai Chi is for All

T’ai Chi originated as a martial art in ancient China. Nowadays its training routines (Forms) are practiced in a gentle way throughout the world as an effective exercise for health.

T’ai Chi forms, combined with associated static breathing exercises, Qi Gong, consist of fluid, gentle movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo, breathing is deepened and slowed, aiding visual and mental concentration and coordination. With its emphasis on posture and coordinated movement, improvement in balance and mobility are quickly achieved.

It can be practised almost anywhere and is a suitable form of exercise for just about anyone. Studies have shown that T’ai Chi improves fitness, hypertension, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation and cholesterol levels.

We specialise in teaching traditional Sun style and a modified variant developed by my mentor Dr Paul Lam for Arthritis sufferers, which we often use as a ‘starter’ form for people of all ages and abilities. Classes include the simple internal Qi Gong for use as a "stress-buster" and to build an awareness of Chi.

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