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Primordial Qi  Gong

This is  a very internal “Chi gathering”  based on a centuries-old  Dowist routine, commercially promoted by   Michael Winn

Trevor was introduced to it by  Dr Lam’s US Master Trainer Shelia Rae.

We often perform a part of this intense Chi gathering  as our warm up form. In its entirety it can take around 45 mins.

Warming Up/Loosening Qi  Gong

It is essential that before practicing a TC form, that the body is relaxed and loose. To promote this we use a series of Warm-up forms based on those used by Dr Lam to precede his forms for Health.

These act as a slow Qi Gong to promote initial movement and relaxation.

Yang Breathing

This is slow, calming, deep breathing practiced by most of the healing arts, including Yoga and western medicine. The in-breath is allowed to completely fill the diaphragm (expanding the stomach), massaging the internal organs. It uses the full lung capacity and promotes greater oxygen absorption to the blood.  The reversing out-breath causes the stomach area to contract. This method of breathing also exercises pelvic floor muscles.
This slow breathing technique acts as a metronome, controlling speed and pace in the T’ai Chi Form.

5-Element Qi Gong

Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire

This is  a  powerful, slow, meditative Qi Gong which can be carried out at any time, sitting, standing or lying down. Its five movements are based on the five key elements of Chinese Medicine said to control key organs and promote and concentrate Chi flow  around the  body.

Qi Gong in Our Classes

We use several Qi Gong routines in our normal classes. Performed seated or standing, our classes will normally start with a quiet meditative period to encourage everyone to focus on deep Yang Breathing and to progressively relax and open all  joints.This will normally be followed by a gentle “Warming-up” Qi Gong to loosen the body and then an internal “5-Element” Qi Gong.

For more advanced classes we often use a “Primordial” Qi Gong or other advanced Qi Gong to replace both the warm-up and internal forms.

Advanced Qi  Gong

We also supplement our T’ai Chi by using advanced Qi Gongs for example Ba Duan Jin (8 treasures), Shi Er Duan Jin (12 Treasures) or a meditatve Qi Gong