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I am ably supported in running my training classes by my Senior Instructor Joan  who shares  my passions and offers invaluable help to further the ideals of Crystal T’ai Chi.

To improve my own technique I discovered a series of videos by Dr Paul Lam. My attention was drawn to his program developed in conjunction with the Arthritis Council of Australia, to help people of all ages and levels of disability to enjoy the benefits of T’ai Chi. This program was specially designed to offer better safety and more effective healing. It can also be tailored to the requirements of those people who are older and may not wish to learn the more difficult T’ai Chi forms or their martial art aspects.

I was fortunate to be able to attend Dr Lam’s first UK training workshop in 2001, and with his tuition over the years was an authorised instructor for his T'ai Chi for Arthritis & Back Pain, T'ai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Osteoporosis & Falls Prevention and T’ai Chi for Energy programs for over 16 years and am passionate about passing on the benefits of T’ai Chi to others.

I have attended many T’ai Chi for Health workshops run by Dr Lam, and also his Master Class workshops in the US studying Sword, Fan forms, and Sun Style 73 (where my primary teacher was Master Kam Lau Fung, who has won an amazing 6 international gold medals for Chen style). In recent years I have assisted Dr Paul at his UK workshops and had articles published in his international news letters, and have created my own program aimed at the older less able and those with dementia related illness.

I trained under Faye & Tary Yip & Prof. Li Deyin in Sun style hand & sword form and Yang sabre. and became a registered traditional Sun style Instructor with them. For the past decade I have continued to study traditional Sun T’ai Chi in depth.

I am an Affiliated Master Instructor for Ability Martial Arts Association (AMAA) and fully insured. All my starter classes are conducted using a 13 part traditional Sun style form or Dr Lam’s modified health Sun form together with associated Qi Gong exercises to introduce the benefits that can be offered to all ages by T’ai Chi. Students can progress by adding more demanding Sun movements or, if they wish, by progressing to traditional Sun style 38, 42, 73, 97 or Long Yang, sword and fan forms.

Although practicing T’ai Chi daily, I do not teach offensive or defensive Martial Arts.

Sifu Trevor

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Disclaimer:   Neither I nor my team are medically qualified persons and any views and advice expressed by us to students are based on personal experiences, training and research.

I am a professional electrical/electronics engineer with a 14 year RAF career followed by 40 years as a specialist trainer and technical author. In my role training engineers I travelled the world, and it was during  visits to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan that I was introduced to the benefits of T’ai Chi which I started practising over 30 years ago

I am coeliac with arthritic spinal deterioration, and had been practising Yang style for several years, finding it beneficial to alleviate my own symptoms, however I had noticed that in the classes in which I had participated, although set at a general level and not aimed at the Mertial element, there was a high drop out rate in the first few weeks. This was due to a large proportion of people who were drawn to T’ai Chi with great expectations, but soon discovered that even a simple basic form appeared too severe for them.