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Qi Gong Chi Kung

Basic Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is a series of simple static exercises, translated “Gong” means “Exercise”. Often used as a precursor to the T’ai Chi Forms, they promote the cultivation and control of Qi (Chi), and improves posture, breathing and concentration. They have been documented as beneficial for health and used for self healing reputedly for 3000 years.

Through Qi Gong the body’s strengths become harmonised and Chi flows freely cleansing and healing the body and spirit. According to Chinese understanding, illnesses are due to a block in the flow of Chi. Only when Chi can flow unhampered can a person be stable in terms of health.

My own belief is that control and flow of Chi stimulates  the body’s natural healer, endorphins, (a process also evident in acupuncture and other comparable disciplines such as Reiki and Yoga).

There are several  types of  Qi Gong - including:

Chan Mi - a meditative very internal form.

Quiet Qi Gong - as practiced by my classes with the very internal 5 Element form.

Yin Gang or Shibashi - an eighteen element aerobic form practiced for a long and healthy life.

Ba Duan Jin - the eight noble exercises or “eight strands of brocade”

Primordial Qi  Gong - a very internal  “Chi gathering”  based on a centuries-old  Dowist  routine.

Performed seated or standing, our sessions will normally start with a quiet meditative period in which students are encouraged to focus on deep yang breathing and progressively to relax and open all  joints.    

This will be followed by a  series of “loosening” Qi Gong movements followed by an internal Qi Gong such as  the “5-Element” .

Only then will we start our T’ai Chi  Forms 

Qi Gong in our classes