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T’ai Chi
©Elizabeth Scanlon - Florida USA - 2008, Revised 2016

What is this thing, this thing they call Qi?
And what could it possibly matter to me?

Qi is the life force, that’s what they say,
And building it up comes from this play.

It all starts in stillness, this play called Tai Chi,
And over time, it’s grown deep in me.

The mind seeks peace, as the body does health.
And oneness with the universe, gives the spirit wealth.

The movements were awkward, at times rather queer.
After I’d learned them I asked, “Where to from here?”

The internal is next, my teachers have said,
The next part to learn, is all in your head.

T’ai Chi holds a secret, we want you to know.
When you practise the principles, the benefits will grow!

Posture and weight shift, the movements are smooth.
Sinking your breath, to be in the groove.

Deliver the force, know when to yield.
Practise these rules, and your health will be sealed.

Practise and practise, be patient and persevere.
You’ll be surprised how far, you’ll come in a year.

We all start out awkward, don’t give it a thought.
Over time it get better, or at least it ought!

Everyone can improve, just give it time.
It’s the playing that rewards, in spirit, body and mind.

Perfection’s not necessary, though perfectionists may try.
All that is asked, is you give it a try.

The styles are many, Chen, Yang, Sun and Wu.
Soon you'll find one, that resonates in you.

Forms with a fist, fan or a sword.
Try a new form, you’ll never get bored.

It helps to have a teacher, and classes can motivate.
Or play alone, a great way to meditate.

The benefits the same, in groups or alone.
The point is to play, in class, a park, or at home.

What can we expect to get from Tai Chi?
A life free from illness and all misery?

Tai Chi may mitigate all illness and strife,
So that as long as we have it, we’ll have a good life.

And when the end comes, for surely it will,
May our passing be peaceful, no need for a pill.

So share your Tai Chi, it’s important you know,
Keep spreading its secrets, where ever you go.

The world needs the peace, and improvements in health,
And hope that Tai Chi, can bring spiritual wealth.

The world needs to share, this game called Tai Chi.
Pass on its legacy, from you and from me.

T’ai Chi

This poem by my friend Betty summarises all the ideals of our of T’ai Chi: