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Llangrove Primary School

WELL DONE to the “After-School” group at  Llangrove School

We enjoyed introducing TC there during the 2007  summer term especially as the  children all achieved such a high standard.

Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

WELL DONE all the boys and girls at Mitcheldean Primary school who “played” T’ai Chi with us as part of and a Health Awareness Day. Each class from reception to yr6 enjoyed an introductory session during the day. Every member of each class had fun and joined in with enthusiasm, showing a high standard of balance and control.

Ist Linton Brownies

In July 2006,  Ellie, Chloë, Christina, Molly and Ariadne from the 1st Linton Brownies were awarded a badge for T'ai Chi
(we think possibly a "first" in this country or even around the world!).

The girls all did so well learning and practicing 15 individual movements which they put together as a special form. They all practiced at home every day for several weeks and we "performed" for all the rest of the brownies and some of the mums and dads at the final meeting before the summer break.

Trevor created this form  for younger children adapting it from Dr Paul Lam’s “T’ai Chi for Kidz” DVD  and the book “T’ai Chi for Kids” by Stuart Alve Olson, to allow  young children to "play" T'ai Chi and maybe start a life-long interest in the practice of an art that is so beneficial to health for people of all ages and ability.

Most parts of the form relate to an animal movements, stimulating balance and co-ordination as well as being fun, and are based on a simple story line, which includes becoming a monkey, flying like a butterfly, being an angry bear kicking a beehive and then washing the honey off his foot in a stream, and a golden cockerel standing on one leg.

Hi everyone,  I am so thrilled to read of the 1st Linton Brownies achievement with my ‘Tai Chi 4 Kidz’ program. My personal Congratulations to everyone involved. Keep up the great work!

Cheers, Cheryl Lee

Well done and Congratulations to the Girls

More T’ai Chi  for Children

T’ai Chi 4 Kidz

Dr Paul Lam & Cheryl Lee Player have produced a program specifically designed for young children. We use this program as the basis of our classes for young children.